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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Super Mario Galaxy Songs

  Over the week I was playing games with friends and writing some stories, which was really fun. But while doing it all, I was listening to the Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack, because it is awesome. And I thought why not share my favorite songs from this game? I will list them from number ten to one, with links to a video on YouTube to listen to them.

  10. Battle Rock Galaxy
This is one of the first galaxies you come across in the game, and it definitely has one of the best sounding tracks. It keeps in all the feelings it should have; you being in space, taking over a fortress, and playing a Mario game. The drums emphasize the fortress part, the violin makes it feel spacey, and the whole sound put together makes it feel like Mario. A wonderful track.

  9. Mecha-Bowser
Wow, now this is a good song. It fits so well for its title, and not to mention an amazing battle too, climbing on the giant Mecha-Bowser! The track is so good, I don't really have good words to describe it other than it makes you want to fight this boss.

  8. Megaleg
Another boss. In fact the first boss. A good one at that too. The battle is similar, but the themes fit. This battle you are fighting a giant metallic rusty robot, and the other is a giant magnetic toy Bowser. Somehow, they fit the themes well even though they are very similar. The best part of the song is right before it loops, with the amazing melody that makes it feel like it is the final struggle, even for the first boss! I would place this one higher on the list, but the others just edge it out.

  7. The Star Festival
The very first song of the game you hear besides the title. The beginning of the game, and yet one of the best tracks. It fits the space theme and Mario theme well, and has that happy cheerful feel to it that makes you smile when you hear it. It has that feel of a new adventure, a new world to explore, and really sets the them for playing the game.

  6. Enter Bowser Junior
Rock on! This song does have that rockin' feel to it, is a great song to listen to. It fits the mischievous attitude of Bowser's kid well. (I notice I say all the songs fit there themes, which is one of the reasons this game is so awesome!) Bowser Junior is awesome and I wish you could here this song more, as most people, including me, just rapidly press A when getting text, so we don't have long to listen to this song. A shame.

  5. The Final Battle
Yup. The final showdown between you and your nemesis for the fate of the universe song. A pretty epic scenario, wouldn't you say. ;) While in the midst of the battle, you are at the end of your journey, and want a better way to end it with an awesome track and chorus backing you up. The battle can get tense, but this song is encouraging to keep going.

  4. Melty Molten Galaxy
The only good lava themed galaxy in the game, and a great piece to go with it. It has that lava feel, and like all songs the great space theme in it with the trumpet and synth. It is a fire song, but has a great motivation and triumph in the song saying you should keep going and never back down. It starts off slow, but when it gets to the end is when it really picks up.

  3. The Galaxy Reactor
The final leg of the game. You are at the end of the journey, and the treasure is in sight. But first you must overcome the great feat ahead of you. This song is incredibly well paced, making you want to get to the end. You are so close! This song has a greater epic feel than the final battle, and the trumpets in it gives that courage to you, followed the melody which says the quest is not yet done. A great combo; a wonderful piece.

  2. Gusty Garden Galaxy
Critically claimed one of the best Mario songs of all time, I am here to say I agree. Heck, I could say one of the best songs in gaming history. Man oh man, this song is great. Every instrument and note feels incredible. The song starts off feeling happy and frisky, having some adventuresome themes in there, the the trumpet solo comes in. Obviously the best time trumpets are used during this game. They give that epic exploration vibe, and gives you an awesome feel. Then when the melody come back, you get a new feel of what it is, and it sounds even greater. Peaceful, yet powerful. Exciting, yet charming. This song is one of a kind, but it is not my personnel favorite.

  1. Buoy Base Galaxy
This song. Probably the best song to come from a Wii game, and one of the best Mario songs of all time, even competing with the classics. This song has the most tremendous feel to it, that overpowers that of any other song on this list. Right when this song starts, you know you're in for a treat. If you are not a big fan of electric music, this probably won't apply to you. I The piano has that dark awesome harmony to hit, the drums gives that fortress feel to hit, like that of the Battle Rock Galaxy, and the trumpets has that adventurous theme. Then the the alien synth track comes in and gives it that space feel that can give you goosebumps, then they add another track to the song and it fits perfectly. This song has the right combination of everything. I could go on and on about this song, but I have run out of words to use it is that good. Simply marvelous.

Well, I hope you enjoy this little countdown thing for you, and enjoy the music! Comment on any of your favorite SMG tracks and even give your opinions about these songs. ;)

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