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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Hunger Games Video Game?

 Some friends and I were playing a lot the Hunger Games Minecraft Mini-Game, and me and the same friends watched the first two Hunger Games movies one night for fun. So I came to the idea that there is no Hunger Games Video Game. The closest we came to is the Minecraft Hunger Games Mini-Game, but it isn't exactly cannon. It's just a spin-off. I am talking about a full fledged game based on everything from the book. This seems likely to happen, as the Hunger Games premise is perfect for a game. You play as a kid, and your goal is to win the Hunger Games by either killing the other children or out-living the the competition. It doesn't seem hard, but it is. The pressure of making a game that is worthy enough of the best-selling books and top grossing movies is difficult. The most difficult part is what the game is about story wise.
   There are about three options to choose from when it comes to the story. The easiest but most risky option is to to make it a direct rip from the book/movie. Have it that you play as Katniss or Peeta, and you are forced to complete certain tasks based of what the did in the movie. If you play as Katniss, you would be faced with the same tasks that you were faced with in the story. There would be no free choice, and it would be more like completely small tasks than playing a game. There might be a multi-player option, but it is unlikely. If so, it would not be like the game, but more of a co-op. This is a very bad path to take as it be more boring than fun, and more of a ploy to get more money. Sadly, a lot of companies do this, and the sales are usually terrible.
   The next is a little similar to the first one, but is a lot safer. The Huger Games starring Katniss and Peeta was the 74th, so there are 73 other Hunger Games stories to tell through the game. There could be different stories if you wanted to be from another district if you want. This will most likely be in story form, similar to the first, but there might be multiple choice options, like if you want to run to the cornucopia or not. It would be more flexible than the first, but multi-player would be hard to implement in this style. Still possible, but it would be very different than the original style of game.
   Then there is the most intuitive and probably most profitable game style. It is the style that doesn't really have a story, but more gameplay. In this style, you would be able to customize your character, to choose your district, gender, skills, and all other facts that your character would need, like what they are allergic too and all the following. The age could work as a enemy difficulty system, but it could just be another customization, with difficulty being it's own thing. It is possible to not have a difficulty, but it would be best for the game. Next, you could choose your map to play, with a lot of options to choose from. Not just randomly made maps to play on, but possible the same maps Katniss and Peeta played on for their two games. That would be interesting to see. It would be very multi-player friendly, especially for online. Local multi-player would work as well, but you would be able to screen peek. But that happens for about all games, so not a huge problem.
  Now, this would be the best, as it will give the player a lot of options with experimenting on different characters and challenges. There could be achievements for beating the game with bad traits, beating it on the hardest difficulty, and shooting someone in the head with a boy. There could be lots of possibilities with it. It would let the player play longer, and entertain them a lot more. It would also be possible to take this style and include it with one of the other two, which could work well if using the second style of gameplay. The first wouldn't be as effective.
   A Hunger Games video game seems inevitable, and the creators don't want to create a trashy game. Hopefully they design it the third way. I would at least pay money for that. There are other ways to make the game, but these are the most likely. One strange way they could compliment it is by using the same style as the Hunger Games board game and you must survive in your district before the games, and hope you don't get reaped for the games. As long as the developers create an enriching and involving game, it is sure to be a success.

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  1. This sounds like it would be alot of fun! I especially like the third choice but like more than just the fighting you should start like Katniss and Peeta did by being trained and practicing for the final thing just like the movie. I only saw the first one and never read the books, so yeah. But this sounds super cool!