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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Minecraft is Earth After the Apocalypse? -Also, sorry. :(

   Hello everyone. Sorry it has been two weeks since I had posted anything. I thought I had posted something last weekend, but it turns out I never did. I just found this out today when I went to write my post for this weekend. I messed up. So I will post last weekends today and do this weekends tomorrow to make up for it. Again, sorry I was late, I had no idea I didn't post it.

  Well, here is a very interesting theory I have thought of. I was playing some Minecraft recently, and I was thinking some of the story-line behind it. I know it's just a sandbox game, with no real story, but the boss fight with the ender dragon and credits shows there is some kind of plot. I was trying to think of what the story might be. The largest factor of it is why are there no other people other than Steve. Although, there are NPC villages, but they are small farms, not civilizations, like cities today. So one logical inference would be that Minecraft is in a time where it is early on in the New World, where people were farmers in the West. But then you would eventually come into large settlements, which we do not.
   Also, there are monsters that roam the earth, like zombies, mutant spiders, and skeletons, not to mention creepers and endermen. How would these come to be? Why are they here? How come they keep coming? Well, the one thing I keep coming to is a Nuclear Apocalypse. Yes, Nuclear Warfare goes across the entire world, which destroys all human life, but those in farms, far away from large cities, which would be the primary target. And all the creatures would be the results of the nuclear radiation. The humans would become zombies. the spiders would become radioactive and grow exponentially. The skeletons would be another variation of the mutant humans, and the creepers would be animals which were transformed into messes. They are green and blow up, as they are the most radioactive.
   But there are missing holes. Why is Steve alive in the middle of where the nuclear explosions took place instead of at the villages? Who are the endermen, and why is there The End? Why can Steve go into the nether, but the humans before him couldn't? Why are there Strongholds and Abandoned Mine Shafts? There are answers to all of these. I will start with the easy ones.
   First, the Strongholds and Abandoned Mine Shafts. I guess I will include the Desert Temple and Jungle Temple in this one. Well, the Strongholds and Mine Shafts are underground, which protects them from the explosion, but if humans took shelter there, the radiation can pass through the ground reaching the humans. Also, they are torn down and old because no one has used them in a long time. The Jungle Temple's and Desert Temples would remain, as they would be in areas not used for population. The End Portal would also be in the Strongholds for purposes which I will explain soon. But now, the nether.
   Steve can go in the Nether, which is essentially Hell, by configuring the right Obsidian pattern and setting it on fire. So why can Steve do this? Well, it is magic, obviously. But the reason the humans before him couldn't do it is because they did not use or believe in magic, so it would be out of the question. Steve was able to enter it, as he did not know of the time before him, so he is like a new creature. Now the End.
   This is a pretty big problem. Why is there endermen and The End? Well, I have some answers, or at least speculations. The End Portal would be in the stronghold because the endermen found it to be a good spot to be the doorway into our world. But why would they come in our world? Well, they use our world as a resource for there world. That is why endermen pick up blocks and disappear. And the reason we would never see them before is because they were shy of coming with all the people on earth. Now they can come as there is less people. And the Ender Dragon is there leader, or "god", as you might say. The reason to kill him is unknown, but a good reason why is most likely because he will become in a "greater state of being," taking from the credits. This leads to the next thing. Why Steve is here.
   Well, taking from the credits, it says he is nature, he is the night and day, he is everything. So, taking from some of the text, we can assume he was formed from the earth, not born, but made. But after reading some of the text from the credits, leading to some more radical thinking. But I'll leave it at that. Maybe I will touch back on this topic later, who knows. Also, who knew there could be a story behind Minecraft? I sure didn't.

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  1. This is really cool Zach. I've never played Minecraft before (sorry) but I think this is cool because you come up with all of these different ideas and stories. I just love you imagination and creativity.