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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buy or Not? The Binding of Isaac

  So, Team Meat, the creators that made Super Meat Boy, indie game phenomenon, came out with there next game, the Binding of Isaac, not to long after Meat Boy. This game has been out for some time now, and most of you now whether or not it is good or not, but I have to give my opinion on it.
  The Binding of Isaac is a very unique game, different than other games. You are in a randomly created dungeon, with randomly spawning items and enemies. You must go through the dungeon, without dying. Be careful, as you only have one life before you have to start over again. It may seem that it is a lost cause, but with the random dungeons and items, you are sure to have a new experience each time. If that isn't enough, there are challenges you can try and do, and also other characters, which can help you or put limitations on you. The possibilities are endless.
   Now the style. The Graphics are about the same as Meat Boy, but a little bit more cartoon-ish. The dungeons are set up in a way so similar to the Legend of Zelda, that I am pretty sure it was inspired from it. They even have a secret room in the game that says I AM ERROR, so I bet some Zelda elements are here. Dungeons are set up randomly as I said, but they do have rhyme and reason to them. The dungeons get longer as go through the different floors, and there always secret bombable walls that are on each floor. There is always a boss and a room with a special item in it.
  And the story. Boy, is the story is messed up. It's pretty infamous, but if you haven't heard it yet, let me inform you. Isaac is the main character who is young child, and he lives with his mom. One day, his mom thinks she hears a voice from God which tells her to go kill Isaac. Isaac then finds a basement under his room and runs away from his mom. Ya, pretty messed. Also, not sure if its a very good theme, but that's how it is.
  Now the game itself. You shoot out these blue projectiles, which are called tears, and use those to kill enemies. That is your only form of attack at the beginning of the game, but there are some rare updrages that you can get which changes your attack, like having air strikes. The items you get are almost all useful, and there are so many that it may take you days to find new ones. The more you find them, the more excited you get about discovering something new. If you ever get bored of the current items and enemies and bosses, there is an expansion pack that adds a whole lot more to the game. There is much more to the game, like some of the secrets. But you have to find those yourself.
  Fans of both retro games and modern games will love this game. The Binding of Isaac is a Buy.

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