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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pokemon Fire Red Experiences

  Ah, Pokemon Fire Red. Ye were my first video game I owned and ever beat. I beat two more times after that, not to include a Nuzlocke and Omega. But the first time I played the game, I had no clue what I was doing. And that led to some pretty memorable experiences. I would do something else for this week, but some of these can be quite comical.
  So, the journey begins in Pallet town, where I chose my first Pokemon, which happened to be Charmander. I thought it look like a cool Fire Dinosaur, and any 6 year old boy thinks that is cool. Little did I know that Charmander is the 'Hard" difficulty of starters. And after embarrassingly losing the battle to Gray, I went into the field and encountered my first Pokemon, a level 3 Rattata. It wiped out my Charmander. IN fact, my Charmander was already level 9 before I could make it to Viridian City. Then got the Pokedex and was on my way. Not much stuff happened except I caught no Pokemon and had a level 19 Charmeleon by Brock. Didn't actually catch a Pokemon until after I defeated him. I never used it though. In fact, I pretty much used my Charmander for everything. I got it to be a Charizard the time I beat Misty.
  And so on the game went, uneventful until I got to Lavender town. It didn't creep me out, but I spent a good 3 days accumulated time trying to get to the top of the tower. Literally, 44 hours of game time trying to get to the top of the tower, not knowing you were supposed to get the Silph Co. Then I spent the next 9 hours trying to get into Saffron City. After giving up on that too, I went to Celedon City. I got the next two Gym Badges and then surf, which was not an easy task, let me tell you. I didn't know how to get into Saffron City, so I went straight to Cinnabar Island to get the next gym badge. Yes, I got the seventh gym badge before the sixth.
  After realizing it was the seventh, I found out I was supposed to go to Saffron City, and since I matured 6 months to get this far, I figured out what to do. Then, I spent the next 5 accumulated days trying to solve the puzzle of Silph Co., and proudly gained the Master Ball. I didn't know what it really did, but I knew there was only one, so I was going to save it on something special. Next, forgetting that the eighth gym was in Viridian, I went to the Power Plant. I didn't have fun exploring it, as I was trying to get to the end, thinking there would be another Master Ball or a rare Pokemon. When I cam to Zapdos, I didn't know it was legendary, so I made it faint on the spot, without thinking. When I realized there was nothing after it, I thought it was only there to catch electric types. Next I went to Island 1, as I thought the gym was there.
  Again, uneventful stuff until I cam across Moltress. I knew this bird was legendary, but I got it confessed with Ho-Ho, from the first episode of the Anime. But I couldn't catch it. So one battle, when I was about to white out, I ran to make sure my party survived. I was such an idiot. then I went to Island 2, then to 3. This is when one of the best part comes in. I made it to the forest on this island, and I was exploring for rare items or something, when I came across which I thought to be the most rare thing ever. A level 40 Venomoth. No joke. I thought it was the rarest Pokemon ever. So I instantly used my Master Ball. Yep. And the best part is, right afterward I came across a Shiny Vileplume, and ran from it. No joke. I remember taking note that it had a weird color, but didn't think of it at the time. So that happened.
  Then I went back to Kanto and searched the Foam Islands for something, came across Articuno and made it faint, but this time it was accidental. But I was too dumb to think of saving before it and then turn off my game and retry. Finally, I found the eighth gym and defeated it. I finally went to Victory Road and to the Elite Four. I was having trouble with the though. Now at this time, I had realized Venomoth was not legendary. So I was trying to think how I could get a Pokemon which I thought was legendary in Victory Road. So I released my Venomoth, thinking I would get the Master Ball back. I was wrong. So I tried to defeat the Elite Four, but with just my Charizard. My level 93 Charizard. I got all the way to Lance, but was having troubles. But I finally beat him. I saved my game and was so thrilled to see the Champion. And it was Gary. And I couldn't defeat him. Oh, I forgot to mention I was a newb playing this, and I never used any items ever. Similar to my Max Elixer Syndrome talked about in an earlier post.
  Back to Pokemon. I was so stuck on Gary, I stopped playing for a month. I just got Pokemon Pearl, so I was playing that. But then I got invited to my friends house for play, and I brought my Pokemon Fire Red to see if he could help me. We took turns playing against the Champion to see if we could beat him. After 4 hours, my friend finally beat him. It was the greatest moment of my seven year old life, even thought I actually didn't beat him. It was fantastic. Then I tried getting into the Elite Cave at Cerulean City, and that took forever. I thought the Sapphire stone had something to do with the Unknown, but nope. I wasted a lot of time there too. But I finally got the stone and went into the cave. I didn't know what to find in there, but I thought it was going to be Dragonite or something. When I found out it was Mewtwo, I was stoked, as I loved Mewtwo from the Pokemon Movie. I spent two days at my Grandma's house trying to catch him. Sometimes I was so close, but yet so far. I had gotten his health down to 1HP, and wasted all his moves so he couldn't attack, but I didn't know about struggle, so he died there. Then there was the time I ran out of Pokeball's and the time I poisoned him to death. Then the final battle came. I had his health to 1HP, and I was chucking Ultra Ball's at him like crazy. Then I used my Timer Ball, but that didn't work. All I had left was two Pokeball's. And yes, you guessed it, I caught Mewtwo with a Pokeball. That was even more amazing then anything that happened before in this game. And after this, I felt complete. I didn't complete the Pokedex, but it was good enough for me.
  Despite all the really bad playing abilities, this became a all time favorite for me. I left out tons of other memories I could use that are terrible, but this is already a large enough post. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Wow! What a messy way to beat this game. How the heck did you beat the elite four and champion with just a charizard?