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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Conservative Gaming

  Have you ever been playing a game, take an RPG for example,, and you are in a tough spot, and you have an item that woul really help you out? But you only have one or two of said item, and you don't want to use it, for fear of needing it more later? This is something my friend and I call the Max Elixir Syndrome, due to us talking about max elixirs in Final Fantasy, but I will just call it conservative gaming.
  This discussion cam up between me and a few buddies I now online speed-running SMB3, and we started talking on the subject. Most of us were prone to this game-style. When I would play Pokemon, I would never use my revives, potions, antidotes, or anything, for fear of needing it greater later. Although, for some reason, I wasn't hesitant  on using the master ball, which I wasted on a Venomth. XD Anyways, I still suffer from conservative gaming, and often have a hard time with games for never using items. It now even grew into a phase where I never use magic in other games unless it is a boss battle. I have it really bad at Rogue Legacy.
  Now, some people who are conservative gamer's don't have it as bad as others. I don't have it that bad, like I use revives and potions in Pokemon if it is a gym leader, or elite four, but never use it otherwise. Actually, I have noticed this has effected my gameplay in a good way, as I have become better at video games. I have learned to not rely on items and magic. But this is bad, because if I want to play online multiplayer in games, I tend to lose due to me being conservative.
  So how do you guys play games? Are you conservative, or do you use your items frequently? Leave a comment!

Also, sorry for not posting last week, as I said, I was camping. Hope you guys enjoy this one. :D

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