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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gaming From a Perspective: Zelda and Items

  You are probably wonder what Gaming From Perspective is, huh? Well, if you must know, it is a blog I have created (duh) to talk about gaming related content. There really isn't a specific topic of interest I cover, but a large variety. I do tend to lean on the side of Nintendo though, so probably more blog posts about that. I post every Saturday, assuming I am not sick or on a vacation. I will notify you ahead of time if possible. There isn't much to cover in this basic description post, so I will go ahead and start a topic post! These will be the most frequent and these are the ones which will happen every Saturday. I also might post at intervals in the week if breaking news comes out, or I just feel like it. But let's not get off track. So what is the topic I will be covering, you may ask? Well, if you saw the title of the post, you would know it is about Legend of Zelda Items.

  Now, before I can cover the topic at hand, I must say that the Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series as of right now, and has been since I was eight. I have played and beaten ever core Zelda game except Four Swords Adventure, A Link Between Worlds, and Spirit Tracks, but I should be playing Spirit Tracks soon. Now about the items. Zelda has been known for it's creative items. The boomerang being one of the most odd. Who would have ever thought that trowing a boomerang at a giant pig creature could freeze him in his tracks. I sure didn't, and I don't think anyone else would have either. But it seemed to work in the first Zelda installment, and has reappeared in about every Zelda game to date, even being the most powerful item in the game in Link's Awakening. Bombs are another key item in the Zelda franchise, along with potions, but they appear in more games than just Zelda. Don't forget the Bow and Arrow, which have been in literally every canon Zelda game except Zelda 2, but it's a black sheep anyways. Those are probably the most recognizable Zelda items, but they aren't the best. And by best, I don't mean opinion, but I mean powerful and most useful.
  I don't count the sword, as it is the primary weapon, and can't be switched out for anything. The closest item to the sword that still counts as an item is the hammer. Appearing in the early 3-D Zelda titles and some 2-D, along with a minor appearance in The Adventure of Link, the hammer has been a power-house item that is even sometimes stronger than your sword. It is also very handy in the final battle with Ganon in Ocarina of Time, if you didn't get the Biggoron Sword. Besides it's power, the hammer is also necessary for progression like most Zelda items. It is used to crush pressure plates which you were not heavy enough to step on yourself. It is also used to kill bosses, like Volvagia and Helmaroc King. But other than that, there isn't much use for it.
  Not all items can be good though. Some are bad, as the last sentence implied. The most notable bad items could be recognized in Zelda 2, but none of them do anything, so I won't mention them. Two of the worst actually appear in one of my favorites, Skyward Sword. First the gust bellows. This thing is a joke. There is absolutely no point in this item but for it's home dungeon, and some very minor other places. It wasn't fun to use, and the boss battle with Ghoma was annoying, not fun. Minish Cap has a similar item with the Gust Jar, but it is a lot cooler. Another item is the Mogma Mitts. Even worse than the Gust Bellows. All it does is let you dig up stuff! A waste of a dungeon item, I think. Now, I know it lets you go underground, but it didn't help solve puzzles or fight bosses. The Fire Sanctuary was one of the better dungeons of the game, but the item sucks. Funny, my two favorite dungeons of the game, Lanayru Mining Facility and Fire Sanctuary, have my least favorite items.
  Now on to the weird, creative items. I don't think of them as bad though. The most notable is the Spinner in Twilight Princess. It was odd, and only used once or twice outside of the dungeon, but I liked it. I was fun to jump of walls on to other walls and avoid obstacles, and other neat things. The pinball like boss fight with Stallord was fun and challenging too, even if it wasn't boss materiel. One of the newer weird items came out in the new Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds. the ability to turn into a painting and travel in walls!? Through em of the first time I heard it, and I didn't like it. It is just a weird concept all together, and I didn't want it in my Zelda game! It just seems a bit childish. I have heard from other people that is cool and is used in a lot of interesting puzzles, so I have a little better look on it now. Also, as I have said at the beginning of the topic, I have not played it yet, so it won't go on my bad item list. And even if I thought it was bad, I still would put it on my strange item list, as it is. Strange.

  Well, I hope you enjoyed my first of many blog posts! If you liked it, you can always follow me, plus one me, or add a comment. I have a lot more to add on this subject, so if you would like to see more Zelda and Items, let me know! :) Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for reading, and signing off!

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  1. This is so cool Zach! Being a gamer myself I absolutely love it! I can't wait to read your weekly topics. (make sure you do one on pokemon!)